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Stanford First Responders

Stanford in the Vale Community First Responders Stanford in the Vale Community First Responders

  This is to say thank you for your help as a 'first responder'. Thank you so much for all your time and for keeping a smile even when called at 1am!! It is a great comfort to know that your help and expertise are close by. I really appreciate all that you have done.  

  One evening, my 2 year old daughter had a seizure. My wife called 999, but we knew it would be a while before an ambulance arrived at our rural location. However, within minutes, a Community First Responder knocked at the door and we were able to start treating her.  

  Stanford First Responders were quite excellent. They arrived extremely quickly, took charge of events calmly, and worked seamlessly with the ambulance crew to speed the transfer to the JR. Just superb.  

  A thousand thanks for coming to my aid on White Horse Hill. For your calm competence and quiet reassurance, I'm profoundly grateful. RJ, Oxford.  

These are statements were made by some of the many people who have been helped by the Faringdon & District Community First Responder (CFR) scheme.

We should like to thank all the individuals, families, business and organisations that have supported the Faringdon & District Community First Responder Scheme, which covers an area from Shrivenham to Southmoor and Kelmscott to Uffington. Through your fundraising activities, and personal and corporate donations, we have been able to buy a 4x4 vehicle. During bad weather, this will enable us to get to emergencies much quicker than if we used our own cars.

We have responded to 1,000s of life-threatening emergencies in our own area and surrounding towns and villages – at all times of the day and night.

Please note – CFRs can only respond to certain types of life-threatening emergency and only when asked to do so by the Ambulance Service. In an emergency situation, always dial 999 – please do not delay taking this action by trying to contact a Community First Responder.

You can dial 111 if you need medical advice. As with 999, calls to 111 are free.

If you would like more details about Community First Responders or would like to make a donation to support the work of the team, please email or