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An Outline History of Stanford in the Vale

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Domesday Stanford
Medieval Stanford
Reformation and Tudor Stanford
Civil War Stanford
Early Modern Stanford
19th Century Stanford
The First World War
The Inter-War Years
The Second World War
Post-War Stanford
Church and Chapel
Schools and Libraries
Civic Administration
Health and Social Services, and Young People
Village Halls
Fairs, Festivals and Fetes
Clubs and Societies
Acknowledgements & Further Reading
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BBC Domesday 1986
Church Green Fire 2005
Coat Of Arms
Virtual Tour 2003


This history of Stanford was rewritten from the original web page produced by Teddy Cuff and James Brooks, as the Stanford in the Vale Archaeological Research Project has made many new findings, both through documentary research and archaeological fieldwork. Many people gave their time, advice, knowledge and resources to assist the original web page production on various aspects of Stanford’s history:

Richard Avenell, Mick Barnard, George & Martha Belcher, Sue Booys (Kidlington), Philip Carter, Hugh Coddington (Oxford), Hilda Coleman, Kisty Creighton, John Crook, Ray & Irene Davidson, Jean Dudley, Geoff Eltham, Mrs. G. Flippance (Faringdon), Bill & Margaret Grant, the late Thomas Greenwood, Brigadier Jock Hamilton-Baillie, Barbara & Gareth Hateley, Hubert & the late Violet Howse, Jasmine Howse (Upper Wolvercote), Maurice Hull, Father Frank Isherwood (Diocese of Portsmouth), Anne Jones, Dora Kinnear (Faringdon), Eileen Langford, Nona Lewis, Doris Marshall, Rev. Rosanna Martin (Chilton), Ian Mead, Ann & Doug Miles, Jackie O'Hagan, Rosemary Packer, Chick Parker, Lance Parry (Marlborough), Colin & Suellen Pedley, Stuart Pepler (Goosey), Cliff Puffett (Gainfield), Andrew Pyke (Culmington), Jean Rome, Andrew Rosevear (Wantage), Marjorie Sandels, Geoffrey Scott OSB (Stanbrook Abbey), Val Scriven (Buckland), June Silverton, Eric Simmons, Colin Smith, John Smith, Geoffrey & Caroline Somerset, Clive Spillage (Shellingford), Ted Spinage, Alan Stoyel, John Tobin, Bob Turner, Kevin Unsworth, Gladys & Pete Varney, Sue Ward, David & Janet Warren, Mike Webster (Marlborough), Alan & Lindsey Weeks, Rev. Michael Wenham, John & Seija Wentworth, Anne Wickenden, Linda Williams, Mike Williams, Mary Wyatt, Paul Wynn, Ben Buxton (acquiring and/or checking much of the materials), Roger Griffin (technical assistance) and many others.

We would also like to acknowledge the following people and organisations who have contributed their time, both to this document and to the fieldwork from which the archaeological information has been gathered, and so changed our view of Stanford’s past:

Dr Katie Tucker, Dave Grant, Briony Lalor, Giles Carey, Nick Watson, Alex Bellisario, Adam Fellingham, Paul Smith (Oxfordshire County Archaeologist), The University of Winchester Department of Archaeology Staff and Students, The University of Southampton Department of Archaeology, Oxford University Institute of Archaeology, Stanford in the Vale and District Local History Society, and the landowners of the village who have allowed access to undertake fieldwork on their land.

Extensive use was made of the Centre for Oxfordshire Studies; Central Library, Westgate, Oxford; the National Monuments Record (NMR) office, Swindon; and the Historical Environment Record (HER), Oxford and Berkshire. Anyone interested in more details about Stanford's history is advised to consult Stanford in the Vale History Society’s index and library of publications. The mention or not of named individuals in this history, particularly from contemporary times, should not be taken as an indication of their relative importance in the life of Stanford. As a general rule, we have tried to adhere to mentioning only the first chairperson or founder of the various groups in the village today, although we readily acknowledge that such groups are the sum totals of all their members. Many individuals have given a great deal to the life of this village, and although this is not the place to try to identify who they are, we gratefully acknowledge their largely unsung contributions.

We apologise for any errors or omissions in our parish history, and would welcome any further information.

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  • newspapers (Faringdon Advertiser; Faringdon Folly; Faringdon Free Press; Jackson's Oxford Journal,' The Morning Post," North Berks Herald; Reading Mercury; etc.)
  • parish registers of baptisms, marriages and burials
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  • parish newsletters ( 1969- )
  • post office and business directories
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V. Howse's collection of papers was deposited in the Berkshire Records Office, Shire Hall, Reading, after her death in 1994, and is already catalogued. Her collection of old photographs and slides of Stanford, with accompanying text, was deposited in her lifetime in the Department of Western Manuscripts, Bodleian Library, Oxford.

Neighbouring and Local Parishes

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This is a twice-yearly publication, edited and published by Phil Morris, 71 Van Diemans, Stanford in the Vale, Oxon. SN7 8HW, which contains articles dealing with the history of Stanford and surrounding villages. Some of the more recent articles have dealt with the history of St. Denys Church, and The United Reformed Church, Stanford; problems of 'pub catering' at the Horse and Jockey in the Second World War; discussion about Richard III's relationship with Stanford, and various first-hand accounts of life in the village during the mid-twentieth century.

The editor invites articles, especially from young persons. Copies are available from Stanford Papershop & Post Office, 'The Horse and Jockey', and Wantage Library, price £1.00. Back numbers are available for £1.50 (inc. p&p) from the editor - address above.